Jenny Graham / Oregon Shakespeare Festival

“Snow in Midsummer,” now playing at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, is a modern adaptation of a classic Chinese drama written in the late 1200s.


Calls from Publisher’s Clearing House, the IRS or family members in trouble are among the latest wave of scams hitting residents of Eugene and Springfield.

(Wild Spotter)

Oregon’s Siuslaw National Forest is joining a nationwide effort to track invasive species. 


Eugene-based tea company Yogi moved into its new west-Eugene building last week. 

NASA/Harvard-Smithsonian Ctr.

In the pre-dawn hours Sunday morning, the Parker Solar Probe blasted off from Cape Canaveral.  Among those watching was an astrophysicist who worked on the unique spacecraft…who’s also a Springfield native and survivor of the 1998 Thurston School Shooting. KLCC’s Brian Bull reports.

(Alec Cowan/KLCC)

Governor Kate Brown stopped in Eugene today to speak on the importance of affordable housing in Oregon. 


Construction has resumed on an Oregon State University facility that suffered a collapse last March.

Steffen Geyer /

Oregon has more cannabis than it can sell, and that’s causing prices to plummet. That from an industry firm tracking cannabis trends. KLCC’s Brian Bull reports.

Willamette National Forest

Fire managers for the Willamette National Forest announced today they are banning the use of campfires in all wilderness areas. This includes all land within the boundaries of the Willamette and Deschutes National Forests.

(St. Vincent de Paul)

After hearing from the community, St. Vincent de Paul is withdrawing its proposal for a Youth House on Bethel School District Property.

(Christy Inskip for Oregon House District Seven)

Legislative candidate Christy Inskip launched her campaign for Oregon’s 7th District today. KLCC’s Alec Cowan caught up with the Democratic nominee to hear more about her campaign.

Brian Bull / KLCC

Is your job stressing you out? Or relationship issues?  How about those politics? There are many things that can get Oregonians uptight, frustrated, even angry. A Glenwood business says it has just the outlet for those needing to blow-off steam. KLCC’s Brian Bull reports on “Demolition Zone”…which hopes to become a smashing success. 

Lane County Sheriff's Office

Eleven years after a rape in Lane County, a suspect is in custody, thanks to DNA lab work.

Officials say 37-year-old Jesse Clark of Junction City was arrested last week, after a match for his DNA was found in an unrelated case, recently.

Brian Bull / KLCC

Many people are familiar with the forced relocation of Cherokee Indians in the 1830s, which led to the deaths of over 4,000 people. Now a play about Oregon’s own “Trail of Tears” opens Thursday night in Salem. KLCC’s Brian Bull reports.

(Eugene Police Department)

As part of a summer initiatve to understand public safety concerns, the City of Eugene has unveiled an online survey for residents. An increasing population has led to changes in the police and fire department’s ability to address safety.

Münter, Girl
Sandy Brown Jensen

This is Sandy Brown Jensen, and you’re listening to Viz City, KLCC’s arts review program, today reporting to you from the famous Louisiana Museum of Modern Art just north of Copenhagen, Denmark.

The Louisiana has a wonderful special exhibit up of a painter new to me, Gabriele Munter. Her fame used to be as Russian painter Kandinsky’s partner, but feminist art history scholars have brought her out of the shadows and into the light where her bold colors and strong compositions belong.

TJ Gehling /

You may have noticed more and more yellowjackets hovering around your home, but an Oregon State University bug expert says to be calm, careful, and kind. KLCC’s Brian Bull has more.

Roseburg Fire Deparment

The Roseburg Fire Department responded to a brush fire on a hillside near downtown Roseburg on Monday evening.

Rachael McDonald / KLCC

Many Oregonians will be experiencing a heat wave this week. The hottest days will be Wednesday and Thursday.

Good Gardening: Raspberries

Aug 6, 2018
John Fischer

Raspberries used to be called Raspis Berries. Somebody shortened is to raspberries, and mot of us stopped pronouncing the p.

(Alec Cowan/KLCC)

Puerto Rican muralist Alexis Diaz is known for his intricate brush work, and that’s why he’s featured in this year’s 20x21 Eugene Mural Project. KLCC’s Alec Cowan brings us this bilingual audio postcard about his mammoth addition down by the tracks of the Whiteaker. 

Washington Apple Commission

When did you last buy a Washington-grown Red Delicious apple? With so many other varieties, maybe it’s been awhile. But did you know Red Delicious is still the king of Washington? Each year, they out-pound every other variety grown. But now, a major market for the plentiful Red Delicious is in jeopardy.


Crews battling a complex of fires in southwest Oregon are facing heavy smoke, dry fuels, and windy conditions.

(Alec Cowan/KLCC)

Freshwater mussel populations are on the decline nationally, and little is known about why. KLCC’s Alec Cowan went downriver to bring us this report on an environmental study in Eugene trying to find some answers.

(Alec Cowan/KLCC)

For Eugene 20x21 Mural Project Japanese artist Aiko is bringing stencil work and heritage to the city streets. She’s painting her mural on 6th street’s Parcade across from the Hult Center. To learn more, KLCC’s Alec Cowan brings us this audio postcard. 

This is KLCC.  I’m Connie Bennett with a book review of “Let Us Build Us a City” by Tracy Daugherty.

There are two schools of thought about summer reading.  One, which I remember fondly from carefree deckchairs of the past, consists of the bigger, lighter, sprawling or fast-paced novels.  The perfect beach-read – a vacation in and of itself.  The other is the small, thin, deeper volume, the kind of book that you read slowly.  The kind of book that invites the travels of the mind. 

(University of Oregon)

USA Track and Field announced today that the 2020 U.S. Olympic Trials are coming to Eugene.

The announcement comes during Hayward Field’s rise from rubble, and the stadium’s renovation is planned to finish just in time for the trials. 

(Alec Cowan/KLCC)

WK Interact is a French-American artist painting a mural of Martin Luther King Jr. for Eugene’s 20x21 Mural Project. KLCC’s Alec Cowan brings us this audio postcard from WK’s ascending scissor lift outside First Christian Church.

B E S T   F A I R   E V E R !

KLCC Radio Adventures at Oregon Country Fair 1992-2018

By Tripp Sommer, June 2018
[Editing and photos by Gayle Chisholm]

  On Thursday, July 7, 2017, my wife Sandune and I headed to the Oregon Coast.  Highway 126 takes us west, through Veneta.  This is the day before the Oregon Country Fair opens to the public.  In previous years, we would have been heading to the Fair instead of the coast.  But I just retired from KLCC and this is the beginning of things being different.

Fireground/Fee-Technophile /

As fire fighting season continues, forest and aviation officials are calling on drone operators to keep their unmanned aerial systems grounded. KLCC’s Brian Bull has more.