For the 39th Time, Eugene Marches to Take Back the Night

Apr 25, 2017

The University of Oregon and Lane County’s 39th annual Take Back the Night rally, march and speak out is this Thursday, April 27th. The director of the UO Women’s center Fatima Roohi Pervaiz says among the themes of the night is the intersection of marginalized populations, especially undocumented groups, and sexual violence.

Fatima Roohi Pervaiz wearing a T Shirt displaying this year's Take Back the Night design.
Credit Rachael McDonald, KLCC

“ The visual design for Take Back the Night this year is hand bursting through the rose bushes with its sharp thorns and it’s scratched up and wounded but it’s gripping an anatomical heart," says Pervaiz. "Ultimately this is supposed to represent our theme for the year which is eco feminism, self-care, resistance, resilience and survival and that our heart is a muscle the size of our fist and we will keep loving and we will keep fighting.”

UO Mujeres, a Latina student group, will be among chant leaders. Their faces will be painted as skulls to represent Latina women who have been lost to sexual violence. Pervaiz anticipates this year’s march to be especially large because of the higher level of political activism expressed in the community since the election. The event will begin on the UO campus at the EMU Amphitheater at 6PM with the March departing at 7PM.