$590,000 Gifted To ShelterCare For Transitional Housing Project

Dec 6, 2017

Two organizations have given more than half a million dollars to help homeless people in Lane County suffering from mental illness or chronic health problems.  KLCC’s Brian Bull reports on today’s press conference. 

Credit Kat_Northern_Lights_Man / Flickr.com

Kaiser Permanente Northwest and PeaceHealth announced the $590,000 gift to ShelterCare. The goal is to create short-term, transitional housing to people who lack shelter and need medical or psychiatric help. Clients will be moved to permanent housing within a year.

Cindy Williams, a former homeless addict and now President of ShelterCare's consumer council.
Credit Brian Bull / KLCC

Cindy Williams told the crowd she’s not only president of ShelterCare’s consumer council, but is a former homeless addict.

“I was very lost," Williams recalled.  "And ShelterCare came into my life and they gave me a place to live. 

"I still had my behavioral issues, I still had my addiction, but they didn’t judge me. I’m so grateful because I’ve gotten over not only my addiction, in February I’ll be clean and sober for a year.” 

Lane County’s latest point-in-time homeless count showed over 1500 people on the streets. Nearly half were struggling with substance abuse or mental health issues.

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