Across Eugene, Police Prepare For Anti-Trump Events

Jan 20, 2017

While Donald Trump and supporters celebrate his presidency this weekend, anti-Trump factions are staging nationwide protests.

A protester stands outside Donald Trump's Eugene rally in May 2016, as a Eugene Police Officer surveys the area.
Credit David Geitgey Sierralupe /

In Eugene, police are prepping for what they hope will be several peaceful events.   EPD Captain Sam Kamkar says they’ve increased personnel to make sure everyone demonstrates their free speech rights, without endangering themselves or others.

Kamkar says they’re also relying on people to be alert for any signs of trouble.

“They see someone who might be walking along with the crowd, in a march and suddenly ends up leaving a backpack on the side of the road, and walks away from that backpack, it’s absolutely imperative people don’t touch it,  call 911, and let our staff handle those things.” 

Kamkar says there are no specific threats that they’re aware of. 

Eugene and University of Oregon Police have monitored past events involving presidential politics, but Kamkar says this one stands out because of the particularly strong spirit and passion surrounding the 2016 election.