Auditor Critical Of Eugene Police Harassment Case

Nov 20, 2017

The Eugene Police Auditor has wrapped up an investigation of sexual harassment claims against a police captain.

Credit Eugene Police

The auditor’s office received an anonymous complaint from a female police department employee about the behavior of Captain Sam Kamkar. He was accused of taking a photo of her cleavage with his phone. Kamkar was eventually found to have violated respectful workplace policy. Any disciplinary action was not disclosed because of public records laws.
Mark Gissiner is the Eugene Police Auditor.
“We looked into the investigation. I was not satisfied with the depth of the investigation or how it was handled. So, we opened a complaint in our office that there was serious misconduct, slash, a violation of the city’s administrative regulation on respectful work environment.”
Gissiner says workplace complaints of this nature should be handled by human resources. Captain Kamkar has been on paid leave for several months. He recently returned to work. [I’m Rachael McDonald in Eugene.]