Black Friday An Opportunity To Celebrate Black History In Eugene

Nov 24, 2016

Families can get a taste of Eugene history this Friday amid Thanksgiving leftovers and shopping.
The Eugene / Springfield NAACP is having an open house on Black Friday. They’re opening the historic Mims House near Skinner’s Butte in Eugene.

NAACP President Eric Richardson:

Mims House is on High Street near Skinner's Butte in Eugene.
Credit Photo by Eric Alan

“I think the Mims Memorial, a significant historic marker, I believe for the state of Oregon. And so, by opening out on the season, families will be able to come in and just see the path that Oregon’s on. We’re trying to go to a better place. We’ve had very segregative laws in the past.”

The Mims Memorial was installed last summer at Mims House.
Credit Rachael McDonald

The Mims House was home to one of the earliest black families in Eugene, and the family hosted jazz greats including Louie Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald. The house is on the state historic registry.  
Richardson is making sweet potato pie. There will be hot chocolate and tours of Mims house.