City Of Eugene Reminds Renters Of Housing Code As Weather Turns Cold, Wet

Nov 6, 2017

As fall brings colder and wetter conditions, the City of Eugene is reminding tenants about its Rental Housing Code, established in 2005.  

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Mark Tritt is the city’s Lead Code Compliance Inspector.  He says the code is to make sure renters have safe, comfortable accommodations, and a resource if disputes over living conditions emerge with landlords.

“We would make a field inspection to verify that it’s truly a violation of the Rental Housing Code," says Tritt.  "And if so, then we update the responsible party.  Which gives the owner or the manager 10 additional days to remedy the problem. 

"After that 10 days passes, we would check back with the tenant to see if the issue’s been corrected.  In situations where there’s no action, we can issue penalties.” 

Penalties range from $200 to $2000.  But these are rare, and Tritt’s office tries to accommodate property owners who may have challenges in fixing issues with their rental units. 

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The standards covered under Eugene’s Rental Housing Code include heating, plumbing, and rats, among others.   

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