Congressman DeFazio Vows To Protect NPR And PBS From Trump's Budget

Feb 20, 2018

In his latest budget plan, President Donald Trump proposes axing federal funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting over a two-year period. The CPB supports PBS and NPR stations, including KLCC.

Donald Trump on campaign trail in Arizona, 2016.
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Oregon Congressman Peter DeFazio says he’ll work with allies on Capitol Hill to preserve funding for public broadcasting.

“I’m hopeful that as we negotiate this two-year budget deal, since we do still have some clout, because of the United States Senate being split 51-49, that they will not get away with decimating NPR or they won’t get away with decimating other critical domestic programs,” says the Oregon Democrat.

Oregon Representative Peter DeFazio at the Eugene Airport last week.
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CPB supporters say without federal funds, emergency alert systems, rural communities, and childhood education will suffer.

While conservative critics have argued taxpayers shouldn’t be footing the bill for a service they consider biased towards the left, the Trump proposal simply says the money isn’t necessary.

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