Development Of New Concrete Trail Begins Near Jessen Drive

May 2, 2018

Construction is underway on the Jessen Path in West Eugene. The mile-and-a-half long concrete path will run along the southern edge of Golden Gardens Park, and north of Jessen Drive.

Amazon Creek coursing through Golden Gardens area of west Eugene.
Credit City of Eugene

Katie Marwitz is Program Manager for the City of Eugene.  She says construction calls for lighting that’ll be confined largely to the 12-foot wide path itself.

“Most of it will be pedestrian-scale lighting, and all the lighting will have ‘baffles’. Basically a shield on the back side so it funnels the light in one direction," explains Marwitz.  "Which provide a shield for both the neighboring homes and the natural areas within Golden Gardens Park.  So it focuses the light down into the pathway where the pedestrians or other users would need it.”

The $ 2.1 million grant-funded project is slated to be done in September.

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