Egan Warming Center Readies For Long Activation

Dec 20, 2017

With overnight temperatures forecast in the 20s tonight, the Egan Warming Centers will open  to offer a warm place for people who are homeless in Eugene and Springfield.

Credit Egan Warming Center on Facebook

Churches and community centers open for the night, offering a place to sleep and more. Egan Warming Center director Shelley Corteville:
 “And we’re glad that we can offer, you know some clothing and some hot food in particular because folks have been outside freezing to death all day long and just to get their bellies full of hot food that begins to warm up their core.”
The last activation for the Egan Warming Centers was for a 10 day stretch. Corteville says it can be challenging to get enough volunteers during long activations, especially during the holidays. The centers are on standby to activate through December 26th.
There is a volunteer training this Saturday from 10 to 2 at First Christian Church in Eugene. Donations of clothing, especially warm socks, hats and coats are also welcome.

Sites open on Wednesday, December 20th:

Ebbert Memorial UMC on 6th and C St., Springfield.  Opens at 7pm.  Takes pets.

First Christian Church 1166 Oak St.  Opens at 9pm.  Takes pets.

South Hills: Church of the Resurrection 39th and Hilyard.  Opens at 6:30pm

Valley Covenant Church 18th and Bailey Hill.  Opens at 7pm.  Is accessible.

Trinity UMC Maxwell Rd., off of River Rd.  Opens at 6:30pm.  This site takes all guests and is especially for the aged and physically infirm.  Takes pets.  Is accessible.

LCC:  Main Campus Bldg 4, Room 104.  Opens at 6pm.

Youth site:  First UMC (Toaster Church) on Olive.  This site is for youth 12 to 18 years of age. Takes pets.