Eugene 4J Partners With Peacehealth To Provide Health Centers

Sep 19, 2017

Eugene School District 4J has a new partnership with Peacehealth to provide medical services to its students at 2 school-based health centers.

The health centers are at Churchill and North Eugene High Schools and provide basic medical care to students.
Kerry Delf is with Eugene School District 4j she says the centers serve hundreds of students a year.
“For some of our students, this is the best access they have to health care and having that partnership with the schools and the medical provider means that that’s available to students in the school building or close to them in another school building that’s a safe environment and a comfortable environment for them to be in.”
The state has made changes to requirements for billing and record-keeping at school health centers. Delf says this led to the partnership with Peacehealth. The health centers are in addition to nurses who staff schools throughout the district.