Eugene Brewery Starts Bike-Share Program

Jul 18, 2014

A number of cities around the world have bike-share programs that require membership fees. A brewery in Eugene is doing its own version of bike-share for free.

Falling Sky Brewing bought 7 cruisers from the University of Oregon, painted them blue and had Arriving By Bike do tune-ups. Falling Sky plans to have bikes available to borrow at both its Deli and Pub. Co-owner Rob Cohen says customers and employees can take a bike for free for up to 24 hours.

Falling Sky is now offering a bike-share program to customers and employees.
Credit Falling Sky Brewing

Cohen: "We're hoping that it will catch on and other businesses will do the same and there'll be kind of a loose organization of bikes throughout the city."

Cohen says the idea is to get more people on bikes.

Cohen: "For me it's a great way to see things. I like to see the plantings and the different businesses, breweries, restaurants and its just a lot of fun to ride bikes."

Falling Sky's bike-share does require a credit card hold in case the bike doesn’t get returned. Cohen also asks that people post photos of themselves on Falling Sky bikes on social media.