Eugene City Hall Is Coming Down Fast

Mar 11, 2015

The old Eugene City Hall is almost completely demolished. The city council decided to tear it down and build new last year. KLCC's Rachael stopped by this Tuesday morning to check it out.

City of Eugene Project Manager Mike Penwell watches crews tear down the old City Hall building.
Credit Rachael McDonald

Mike Penwell is Project Manager with the City of Eugene. He says structural demolition is going faster than expected. And he says, the 50 year old building was more unstable than they thought. He says crews found additional weaknesses in the original construction.

Penwell: "And that would have made it much more challenging to do selective demolition to reuse parts of the building. And then the building was so unstable once we removed the infill panels that the contractor wouldn’t even let anyone on the site because they were afraid the wind was going to blow it over at that point."

The new building is still in design stages but the plan is for it to be earthquake safe and built sustainably. The goal is to re-use or recycle at least 95 percent of the materials from the old building.

Crews tear down the old Eugene City Hall.
Credit Rachael McDonald