Eugene Police Say Donald Trump's May Visit Cost $92,300

Jun 22, 2016

Donald Trump's rally in May at the Lane Events Center was a costly security challenge for the Eugene Police Department.
Credit Kyra Buckley/KLCC

In response to media requests, the Eugene Police Department released how much it cost to provide security for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump when he campaigned in the city last month.

Eugene Police Chief Pete Kerns says he is seeking reimbursement from the Trump Campaign for $92,300. Kerns says this is likely the most expensive campaign visit by any candidate for which the EPD has provided security. Trump's campaign stop in May at the Lane Events Center brought out hundreds of supporters and counter-protestors. Chief Kerns says having to secure a large venue as well as neighboring streets and sidewalks made this a challenging event. Because violence had broken out at at least one previous Trump rally, Kerns says police had to be ready for anything. Police overtime cost about 78-grand, overtime for the fire department was 68-hundred. Other city overtime, meals and supplies added another 75-hundred to the bill. Invoices will be sent by Lane County to the Trump Campaign with a request for reimbursement. Kerns says the last time President Obama came to Eugene, it cost about one third the amount as the Trump visit.