Eugene School District Says it Won’t Arm Teachers

May 3, 2018

The Eugene 4J School Board says they’re not going to arm teachers. Despite the Trump Administration’s call to do so. Board members discussed a draft resolution on school safety at their Wednesday meeting.

Schools should be a safe place, without guns. That’s the message of the school safety resolution. 4J Board member Anne Marie Levis says research shows the more firearms that are in schools, the more unsafe they are.
“The idea that we would has our teachers to be armed and trying to protect. It just does not compute.”
Levis says the goal is to ensure schools are a place where kids go to learn.
“That they don’t go to schools in fear for their lives and I really feel that things are changing. And it takes people standing up and saying we’re going to just give you our thoughts and prayers.”
Levis says the board will continue to craft the resolution. They’ll vote on it on May 16th.