Eugene School Replaces Controversial Immigration Posters With Children's Art

Jan 19, 2018

Earlier this week we reported on a series of “IMMIGRANTS WELCOME” posters that were removed at a bilingual elementary school in Eugene.

A contractor working at River Road/El Camino del Rio Elementary is suspected of tearing the posters down over winter break. 

While some of the posters were reprinted and displayed earlier this week, a 4-J spokeswoman tells KLCC that after some consideration, school staff have decided now to put up handmade posters done by the students themselves, "expressing messages of welcome and caring for immigrants and all people".

The original posters read “IMMIGRANTS WELCOME” at the top, which was followed by other statements 4-J officials felt were “tricky” and “political”.

And while the posters appear identical to ones displayed on - a pro-anarchy group’s website - the ones at the school were cropped to omit the group’s URL near the bottom. (In the previous KLCC story, the uncropped version was shared online, creating the perception to some that the school supported anarchists. That story has since been updated with a photo of the actual posters displayed at River Road/El Camino del Rio.)

The contractor suspected of tearing down the posters remains barred from the school. Eugene Police and 4-J school administrators continue to investigate the incident, while also reviewing poster policies with educators.

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