Eugene Seeks Renewal Of Street Repair Bond

Nov 1, 2017

Eugene voters are considering whether to renew a street repairbond in the November 7 th special election.

Credit Eugene Public Works

If measure 20-275 is approved, it would generate approximately$9.5 million annually for 5 years. Of that, an average of$1 million a year would be used to support bicycle andpedestrian projects. The rest would go to fix or repair 78 streetsthroughout the city. Brian Richardson is Eugene Public WorksSpokesman. He says the city is trying to avoid having to spendmore money than they have to.Brian Richardson: “If passed, the money here would be used torebuild or resurface streets, and the goal for our pavementpreservation program is always to resurface a street rather thanrebuild it because it is cheaper and more cost-effective.”This bond is a renewal of two earlier voter-passed measures. Ifapproved, it would cost the typical home owner $148.That’s $20 more than before, because of property valueincreases.Critics of the bond say it doesn’t give enough attention to bicycleand pedestrian infrastructure. Richardson says the city will work with bicycle and pedestriangroups to identify future projects that could be funded by thebond. The City has completed nearly $81.8 million in street preservationwork since 2002, the beginning of Eugene’s pavementpreservation program.