Eugene's Downtown Dog Ban Expires Wednesday

Oct 31, 2017

Eugene’s ban on dogs in the downtown core expires Wednesday (November 1st). 

Credit Rachael McDonald

Eugene Police will provide City leaders with a report on its effectiveness in improving downtown safety.
City Councilor Chris Pryor says the ban was only ever meant to be temporary.
 “This was really an effort to respond to what had been some safety concerns.” Pryor says,  “There had been some animals that had attacked other animals. There had been animals that attacked people, aggressiveness of animals. And I think it was a safety question. And that’s why I think we allowed it to sunset. We want to get a report back to say, were our safety concerns founded and / or, adequately addressed.”
Pryor says, despite criticism, the intention was never to push homeless people out of downtown.
The dog ban excludes those who are downtown residents or who work in downtown Eugene.  Police would ticket those who violated the ban.