Fake Voter Guide Fires Up Debate Over Creswell Marijuana Ballot Initiative

Nov 1, 2017

A contentious ballot initiative in Creswell has both sides of the issue calling foul on each other.  As KLCC’s Brian Bull reports, one of the more prominent spats is over a fake voter guide.

An official looking voters guide has appeared in Creswell residents' mailboxes leading up to the November 7 election. But the word "UNOFFICIAL" is in faint gray font on the cover, while inside is a disclaimer stating it's produced by two PACs opposed to Ballot Initiative 20-280.

The document has appeared in Creswell mailboxes, and looks at first glance to be a bonafide, government publication.  But Dan Isaacson, CEO of One Gro, says if you look closer, you can see the word “UNOFFICIAL” in a faintly darker shade of gray.

“It’s just sad that that would be something that they would do, because I think your message can stand on its own, or can’t stand on its own, and let the voters decide without having to deceive them.” 

One Gro is the investment group pushing Ballot Initiative 20-280, which would lift Creswell’s ban on marijuana retailers approved by voters last year.

Kevin Prociw is with the groups No to One Gro and Keep It Creswell.  He takes responsibility for the document, which he says is essentially a legal advertisement.

“Well of course Mr. Isaacson’s irked about the voter’s guide.  We make no apologies, we needed to educate the voters so we took it upon ourselves to create a guide since the county and the city weren’t producing one.” 

A bill to prohibit imitation voter guides failed to pass in the last legislative session. Creswell voters will decide the fate of Ballot Initiative 20-280 on Tuesday.  

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