Group Keeps Trying To Save Hayward's East Grandstand

Jun 8, 2018

A group is trying to stop the University of Oregon from tearing down the East Grandstand at Hayward Field in Eugene. They’re reviewing their legal options.

Credit East Grandstand Supporters

Bob Penny is with East Grandstand Supporters. He says the U of O has been issued a demolition permit and the only way to stop them would be to get a legal stay. Penny acknowledges it’s the 11th hour, but he wants to try because he believes the east grandstand is important to the city and the track world.
 “It’s sort of like Wrigley Field or Fenway Park. It’s the most historic Track & Field venue in the country and its known around the world. You could say that it’s the most famous building in Oregon outside the state.”
The East Grandstand Supporters meet Saturday morning at 10 at Agate Hall in Eugene, across from Hayward Field. Penny says Tinker Hatfield, Nike's head of design, will be at the meeting. He is a critic of the demolition of the East Grandstand.
After the NCAA championships conclude this weekend, demolition of Hayward Field is set to begin. The U of O wants to completely rebuild the venue before the 2021 World Track & Field Championships.