Have You Seen Me? Police Search For Missing Woman With Dementia

Jan 10, 2017

Springfield Police continue to search for a missing 72-year old woman who wandered from an adult foster care facility on New Year’s Day. Law enforcement is seeking the public’s help to find her.

Judy Ann Parker is a white female, 5’2’’ tall, described as frail. She has a shock of white hair, big brown eyes and was last seen wearing blue jeans and a dark knit cap. That was 10 days ago. Ms. Parker lives in a residential care facility where residents are free to come and go.

72-year old Judy Parker has signs of dementia and has been missing since New Years.

Springfield Police Detective David Grice says Parker has gone missing before and sometimes uses other names. He says police departments around the state have been alerted to her disappearance.

Grice: “Our concern right now is that she is that she’s out in the elements and kinda wandering the streets.”

Grice admits this kind of missing person’s case leaves law enforcement feeling helpless.

Grice: “We’ve gotten various reports of sightings from as far south as Cottage Grove, around downtown Springfield. You know, we don’t know where to look. It’s kind of a needle in a haystack right now.”

Anyone with information about Judy Parker is asked to call their local police department’s non-emergency line.