Instructor Files Lawsuit Against LCC

Jan 22, 2016

Nadia Raza, a tenured instructor at Lane Community College, has filed a federal lawsuit against the school. 

Credit Nadia Raza

A Pakistani-American and a Muslim, Raza told LCC the student may have targeted her because of her ethnicity and religion.

Attorney Jennifer Middleton, representing Raza, says the suit charges the college with failing to respond effectively to a male student who threatened, harassed and stalked Raza in 2014.

Middleton says her client is only teaching online courses because she doesn't feel safe on campus and the lawsuit seeks to change this.

Raza: "Certainly, a safe environment for Ms. Raza to return to work. And then, we'd like to see LCC really take a look - maybe with professionals in the area of campus safety - at its procedures for handling students of concern and students who are in distress in some way."

LCC declined to comment, citing school policy that prevents them from discussing pending litigation.