Landslide Closes Off Access To Terwilliger Hot Springs

Dec 22, 2017

Access to Terwilliger Hot Springs (also known as Cougar Hot Springs) on the Willamette National Forest outside of Springfield remains closed following a large landslide that occurred overnight Wednesday.

Credit Willamette National Forest

Officials with the Forest Service say an unstable slope above Forest Road 19 (Aufderheide Drive) gave way, spilling large boulders, loose dirt, and mud, completely blocking the road.

Four people who were at the springs when the slide occurred were led from the area by Lane County Search and Rescue officials and Forest Service personnel using a private forest road.

Forest Road 19 will be closed indefinitely until geologists and engineers can stabilize the hill above the road. Visitors are asked to respect the closure and avoid the area until the road can be safely re-opened. Trying to find alternate routes to the hot springs is strongly discouraged, as many forest roads in the area may not be safe for travel.