Laue Jumps Into Crowded East Lane County Commissioner's Race

Feb 7, 2018

Add a sixth name to those running for the East Lane County Commissioner office.

Tim Laue outside the Lane County Elections Office.
Credit Brian Bull / KLCC

Tim Laue, a former city councilor and past chair of the Eugene Police Commission, officially filed with the Lane County Elections Office today. He joins a growing field of candidates running against incumbent Commissioner Gary Williams.

Laue says he’s concerned about the divisiveness he’s seeing in the community.  He says there’s common ground issues to tackle.

Staff with the Lane County Elections Office review Laue's filed documents for his candidacy.
Credit Brian Bull / KLCC

“Whether it’s safety on the highways, there’s quite a few fatalities that occur on Highway 58 and Highway 126 and Highway 99," Laue tells KLCC. 

"There’s a concern about elders in our community and some of the children not getting the services they need.  People living on fixed incomes out there, a lot of them have to make a choice very month, about whether food or rent or a mortgage payment.”

Other candidates besides incumbent Williams are Heather Buch, Kevin Matthews, Frank King, and James Barber.

The primary election is May 15th.

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