Marcola School Officials: "Mohawks" Mascot Makes Way For "Mustangs"

Apr 20, 2017

After months of input and deliberation, the Marcola School District is closer to having a new, official mascot.  As KLCC’s Brian Bull reports, it’ll replace the “Mohawk Indians” which had been the mascot for 90 years.  

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Among the runner-ups were the “Loggers” and “Mavericks”, but it was the “Mustangs” that won unanimous approval at a special school board meeting Wednesday night.

Marcola School Superintendent Bill Watkins says the decision is tentative until the official board meeting May 8th.  He says the name “Mustangs” has positive attributes for the district’s teams and students. 

Past yearbooks show the history the Mohawk Indians mascot has had with the Marcola School District.
Credit Brian Bull / KLCC

“Perseverance. They’re somewhat wild in a positive way. They’re brave, they’re strong. They can be independent, but they still have to work together as well," summarizes Watkins.  

"We will support it, positively. With our students and our community members.” 

Watkins says there are still Marcola residents who are upset at the mascot change, but adds many accept the reasoning…that Native American themed mascots can foster stereotypes, and no actual Mohawk Indians played a part in local history. 

Girls basketball team players pose with the Mohawk Indians logo this past January. By mid-July, a new mascot representing the Mustangs will replace it.
Credit From Marcola High School Community Facebook page

The gym floor will feature the new Mustangs design once approved.  Watkins says it’ll cost $20,000 to install a new floor, which they plan to do by mid-July.

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