Meningococcal Outbreak Spurs OSU To Require Vaccinations

Dec 20, 2017

Oregon State University will now require all its students age 25 or younger to get a vaccine against meningococcal disease by February 15th.

Benton County Deputy Director of Benton County Public Health speaks with reporters Wednesday. Steve Clark, Vice President of OSU is next to him.
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This after a sixth OSU student, a 21-year-old undergraduate, was diagnosed with the potentially deadly illness.  
Charlie Fautin  is Deputy Director of Benton County Public Health. He spoke at a press briefing  Wednesday.
 “This disease can progress from sort of feeling like you have the flu and feeling cruddy to being catastrophic very quickly. So it is important that students be aware and take care of each other and continue to be vigilant.”
Fautin says the 5 students previously sickened have made a full recovery.
The disease primarily afflicts young people and can spread in group living situations such as dormitories.
A University of Oregon student died during an outbreak on the Eugene campus in 2015.