More Than 7,000 Join Women's March In Eugene

Jan 21, 2017

More than 7,000 people marched through the streets of Eugene Saturday, according to Eugene Police. They were rallying in solidarity with the Women's March on Washington.

Participants in the Women's March in Eugene travel down 8th Avenue.
Credit Jesiah Hallford

Signs criticizing Donald Trump and demanding equality for all communities could be seen throughout the crowd.

Credit Kyra Buckley/KLCC

Sarah Foud says she came to the march to represent her faith and to reach out.

Foud: "As a woman, as an Arab-American Muslim born and raised in Eugene, I came to represent my community and to speak up against all the nonsense that's going on."

Jackson Shawn-Hays says he's worried what a Trump Presidency means for his lesbian moms and Latina girlfriend. That's why he marched in Eugene today.

Rally at the Federal Courthouse for the Women's March in Eugene.
Credit Jesiah Hallford

Shawn-Hays: "I think it's good to have a connected world and I don't believe we should be some hermitic country that terrorizes its own citizens and actively seeks to take away rights from people."

Front of the Eugene Women's March on Saturday.
Credit Tiffany Eckert/KLCC

Jessica Swanson is an art and product design instructor at the University of Oregon.

Swanson: "I'm here with my daughter and friends and part of my women's group to support women's rights, to support Black Lives Matters, to support the no Dakota Access Pipeline, and a lot of other inter-related movements."

Participants in the rally met at the Federal Courthouse for speakers like Eugene Mayor Lucy

Credit Tiffany Eckert/KLCC

Vinis. Then they traveled down 8th Avenue to the WOW Hall. Eugene police say there were no incidents related to the march.

About 100,000 people marched in Portland, according to the Oregonian. Rallies also took place in Salem, Newport, Florence, and other Oregon cities.