New, 14-Unit Facility For Homeless Teen Girls Opens In South Eugene

Feb 1, 2018

Today in Eugene, hundreds packed a new housing facility for homeless teen girls. KLCC’s Brian Bull reports.

The newly-opened SVDP Youth House at 3350 Willamette greets visitors for today's celebration.
Credit Brian Bull / KLCC

The St. Vincent de Paul Youth House is a newly-renovated space, in what used to be the Cascade-Presbyterian Church. Nearly $2 million was raised for the project, which has 14 apartments and a counseling office.

Terry McDonald is Executive Director of St. Vinnie’s, which worked with city governments and non-profit agencies on the Youth House.  In a standing-room only crowd celebrating its completion, he says it’ll help struggling homeless teens finish school and find jobs.

Terry McDonald, Executive Director of St. Vincent de Paul, addresses a full house at today's celebration.
Credit Brian Bull / KLCC

“How else can you better serve somebody than to find a place for them to live? That’s safe and decent, and of course, a place that they can get mentoring to get on with their lives," McDonald tells KLCC. 

"So it really serves as a bridge from a difficult past to a hopeful future.”

A facility for homeless boys starts construction later this year in the Bethel area.

At least 400 homeless teens are enrolled in Eugene, Springfield, and Bethel schools.

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