New Trail Winds Above Climbing Columns On Skinner Butte

Dec 22, 2017

The City of Eugene has just completed a new trail in one of its most visible parks, Skinner Butte.

The trail is on the butte’s west side and it winds above the climbing columns. Pam Symmond  is with City of Eugene Parks and Open Space.
 “In the past, people have come up anyway and made their own trails. It’s a steep section of the butte, very slippery and dangerous. We get a lot of erosion caused by these trails. We’ve put in new rails and timber steps to make it safe passage up to the top.”
The new trail leads to the summit. Symmond says this part of the butte includes remnants of the Willamette Valley’s oak savannah habitat. The butte’s climbing columns had to be closed for 6 weeks during the 45-thousand dollar project. Symmonds says next year, the city plans to build another trail that goes all the way around Skinner Butte.