No New Measles Cases Confirmed In Lane County

Jan 23, 2015

Health officials say a Eugene man who has measles is expected to make a full recovery. No new cases of measles have been confirmed in Lane County.

Lane County Public Health spokesman Jason Davis says hundreds of people contacted the agency after they released a list of businesses the man had visited after he returned from California.

Davis: "There's a lot of individuals who called in who had, it turns out, flu-like symptoms and most likely, chances are, they had the flu because it is far more prevalent in our community than the measles are. So, it's definitely not a good thing to have the flu. But it's the lesser of two evils for sure."

Davis says the window of time for contagion for the measles will close in the next couple of days.

The Eugene man is believed to have gotten the measles when he visited Disneyland. The outbreak sickened about 70 people from the U.S. and Mexico. Most of those people had not gotten the Measles Mumps Rubella, or MMR vaccine.