Officials Find Illegally Shot Deer; Perpetrators Still At Large

May 4, 2018

Earlier this week, several deer were found illegally shot with arrows in the Shady Cove area of southwest Oregon.

The animals were spotted walking around with arrows stuck in their bodies, including one with an arrow through its head.

Officials are pleased to report that the deer have since been found as of Wednesday afternoon. The arrows were removed, the wounds treated and both deer – an adult and yearling doe – have been released in good health.

Dan Ethridge of the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife says there’s still a reward being offered for information leading to the arrest of those responsible.

“First of all, they’re inside city limits," says Ethridge. "There’s no hunting season for deer.  (The) arrow had field point tips on them, not a broadhead. So this is a sign of a poaching type of scenario.”

Ethridge says only two deer were shot. Earlier reports suggested up to three may have been wounded.

Regional hunting and archery groups have contributed reward money, bringing it currently to $2600.

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