Oregon Coast Aquarium Helps Endangered Sea Turtles on Their Long Road to Recovery

Dec 4, 2017

Turkey in Oregon Coast Aquarium's new facilities
Credit Oregon Coast Aquarium

A sea turtle  -named “Turkey” -  is making waves this holiday season by being the first turtle to be treated in Oregon Coast Aquarium’s renovated sea turtle holding area in Newport.  The aquarium just rescued a second turtle that is yet to be named.

“Turkey” got her name because she washed up on Thanksgiving Eve. Jim Burke is the director of animal care that received her at the Aquarium. He says that because of the harsh conditions of Pacific Northwest waters, turtles that arrive for rehab are already compromised.  He says saving these animals is an uphill battle, but it is important to fight.

“Saving one individual that could potentially help save a species that will allow our future generations to see that species would be the responsible thing to do for the ecosystem. I don’t think anyone wants to see species go extinct, and if we can make a difference with one that’s already threatened or endangered, that’s a good thing. ”

Burke says Turkey’s now processing and digesting her food.  Once Turkey – and the other recently found turtle – are strong enough, they will be transferred to a warmer climate for additional care.