Oregon Lawmakers Vote To Strengthen Gun Laws

Feb 22, 2018

Oregon state Senators have approved a measure that would strengthen the state’s gun laws.

Credit Matt Howry / Flickr

The measure, House Bill 4145, would expand the number of people who are banned from owning a gun to intimate partners despite their marital status.

It would also include people who have a misdemeanor stalking order against them.

Democratic Senator Floyd Prozanski who is a longtime lawmaker and gun owner urged his fellow lawmakers to vote yes.

Prozanski rarely speaks of his murdered sister, but did on Wednesday.

“In my own situation, involving my sister, her murderer was her boyfriend. Her murderer was her intimate partner. Her murderer was her domestic abuser. Her murderer killed her with a handgun.”

The measure now goes to Governor Kate Brown for her signature. Brown is expected to sign the measure.