Oregon's DeFazio Anticipates Another Shutdown Threat

Jan 25, 2018

Monday, Congress came up with another temporary spending bill to stave off a government shutdown for three weeks. KLCC checked in with Oregon Democratic Congressman Peter DeFazio.

Oregon's 4th District Representative Peter DeFazio in the KLCC studios.
Credit Carly Gabrielson

He says it’s again up to the majority Republicans to come up with a long term spending plan.
“It’s going to be a real crunch point on their side of the aisle. And that’s something people aren’t focused on. This will be their 5th continuing resolution. And republican after republican last weekend stood up and said ‘This shutdown is so bad for the military!’ I quoted back at them what General Mattis, the Secretary of Defense said is. There’s nothing worse for the Pentagon than running it on a series of continuing resolutions.”
DeFazio says it actually costs the military more to operate when there’s not a solid budget in place.
DeFazio says finding a solution for DACA recipients is important along with an immigration bill.