Police Investigate Threats Against Lane County Officials

Apr 4, 2018

Eugene Police are investigating multiple threats made against Lane County officials. They’re also seeking tips from the public.

Lane County Building in Eugene.
Credit Lane County

Police say letters have been sent to County Commissioners and staff threatening harm if a measure to ban the aerial spraying of herbicides is not put on the May ballot. The author claims to be a Vietnam veteran with stage 4 cancer.
Lane County Spokeswoman Devon Ashbridge says since the threats started a couple months ago, they’ve stepped up security at County meetings in Eugene’s Harris Hall.
“We had not necessarily thought we’d see the day where that was necessary, but we’ve been thankful that folks seem to understand that at least right now it is necessary and again we want to do what we can to enhance the safety of people whether they’re community members, staff or elected officials at our public meetings.”
A proposed ballot measure to ban aerial spraying of herbicides in Lane County was struck down in court. Members of the group Community Rights Lane County have been urging commissioners to allow their measure to go before voters.