"Quiet Zones" Coming To Ten Eugene Railroad Crossings

Feb 27, 2018

Local train crossings are set to quiet down a bit by 2021. The Eugene City Council has approved $7 million dollars to upgrade railroad crossings in the downtown and Whiteaker neighborhood. KLCC’s Brian Bull reports.

Credit Emmett Tullos / Flickr.com

Ten so-called “quiet zones” will be created, that will install medians and gates at crossings so passing trains don’t have to sound off with their horns unless the situation really calls for it.

Kerry Werner is the city’s project manager for the quiet zones. She says now they’ll submit applications to the Oregon Department of Transportation’s railroad division, which in turn will review them with Union Pacific and Amtrak.

”It actually takes a year to produce the equipment, that is then going to be installed along the railroad tracks," says Werner. "So there will be new signals basically at all ten crossings. Then we build the new sidewalks and roadway, at each one of the approaches. 

"So it’s about a three-year-long process.”

The move follows decades of complaints from Eugene residents, who say train horns are disruptive. The motion passed on a 6-2 vote. Money will come from Eugene’s road fund and general fund.

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