Rats! Rodent Numbers Spur Eugene Officials To Launch Control Campaign

Jun 21, 2018

The scourge of rats has grown to the point where the City of Eugene is posting free online materials on how to identify and control rat problems. KLCC’s Brian Bull reports.

Credit Jans Canon / Flickr.com

Depending on the species, rats can range from a few inches to nearly a foot and a half in length. They can carry pests and diseases, and leave homes littered with droppings and yards riddled with tunnels.

Lindsey Selser of the City of Eugene’s Planning and Development Department says they’ve worked with residential groups to create downloadable brochures and social media posts, to tackle the issue.

Boots can't manage solo if you've an infestation. Traps and professional pest control are advised if you've signs of more than one rodent on your premises.
Credit Brad Smith / Flickr.com

“The only real way that we’re going to move the dial on this rodent problem is to educate and change behavior," Selser tells KLCC. 

"And we just can’t do it alone.  We have amazing community members who have great connections, so we want to enable them to help spread the word, and use those connections, to help move the dial on this issue.”

Rat numbers have increased as many Oregon cities have grown in population. Outdoor pet food, chicken coops, and compost sites have been listed as things drawing rats to homes.

Online materials can be accessed here or at:


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