Revised Eugene MUPTE Rules To Face Public Comment

Apr 30, 2015

A controversial tax exemption program for housing in downtown Eugene has been suspended since 2013. Yesterday (Wednesday), the City Council voted to let the public comment on its amended version of the multi-unit property tax exemption, or MUPTE, program.

Downtown Eugene area eligible for MUPTE, until 2013.
Credit City of Eugene

The MUPTE program seeks to incentivize development in downtown Eugene, where land is more expensive. It gives 10-year tax waivers on the value of new, dense housing. After two years of debating and extending the suspension, The City Council is ready to present a revised plan. Changes include requiring more affordable housing units and hiring local contractors. Laura Hammond is with the City. She says there are projects on hold, waiting to see how and if the program will be reinstated:

Hammond: “We’ve heard from a couple developers downtown that are interested in moving forward with projects, but they’re waiting to find out what the Council’s decision’s going to be on how the MUPTE program will work moving forward.”

The Council voted 5 to 2 to plan a public hearing. It will likely take place in June.