As SEHS Transitions From "Axemen" To "Axe", Principal Credits Years Of Community Input, Forums

Feb 16, 2018

South Eugene High School’s principal says as the community responds to the change in its mascot, it’s important to know the decision follows years of discussion with students, alumni, and families.

A panel of educators and students listen to community opinions expressed at a January 31, 2018 forum over "The Axemen".
Credit Brian Bull / KLCC

Andy Dey says the switch from “The Axemen” to “The Axe” isn’t from the actions of just one person or group. 

“There’s lots of things that had to go into place in order for us to arrive where we are now," Dey tells KLCC. "It has been a conversation at some level, sometimes a loud one, sometimes a not so loud one, for 30, 35 years.

Just over a hundred students, relatives, and alumni gather inside the SEHS auditorium for a January 31, 2018 forum.
Credit Brian Bull / KLCC

"So I’m hoping as people grow accustomed to thinking about South with a different team name, they take some time to think about the long history, and what’s gone into getting us where we are today.”

Dey says they’re still working on cost estimates for the change. He adds that he hopes the community remains invested in South Eugene High beyond mascots.  This includes homeless students and graduates thriving in good colleges and jobs.

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