Senator Wyden Meets With Tax Volunteers, Warns About Scams

Apr 17, 2016

Senator Ron Wyden met Saturday with Eugene AARP volunteers helping elderly people file their taxes, which are due today (Monday). Reports many times tax season means an increase in scams.

Oregon Senator Ron Wyden and tax AARP volunteers.
Credit Hank Stern

Democratic Senator Wyden called for a crackdown on tax scams in March. During a hearing with the Senate Finance Committee, he said the growth of sophisticated technology is costing taxpayers billions of dollars every tax season. Wyden wants the Committee to adopt some of Oregon's standards for tax preparers.

Wyden: "And I'm going to tell my colleagues in the Senate that the rest of the country ought to catch up to Oregon. We don't have tax preparers just kind of pretending to be experts when they really aren't. They have to comply with basic, minimum standards."

Wyden also discussed the upcoming battle in the Finance Committee over the "Charitable Deduction." He says the write-off benefits middle class taxpayers and seniors, and should not be regarded as a loophole.

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