Smart Meter Company Sues EWEB Over Contract Release

May 11, 2018

Eugene Water and Electric Board is going to Lane County Circuit Court later this month to defend its release of pricing information about its contract with a smart meter manufacturer.


In response to a customer’s request last month, EWEB proposed to release a copy of their contract with Sensus USA. Sensus objected, saying the document contains sensitive trade secrets. EWEB says the company could mark portions of the contract for redaction but that pricing information should be public record. Joe Harwood is spokesman for EWEB.
“We’re a public agency and it’s really important that we maintain the public’s trust in all financial dealings and it’s imperative that we make this information available to our customers.”
The Register Guard newspaper had previously received a copy of the contract with no redactions. EWEB is in the process of installing smart meters at residences of customers who’ve requested them.