South Eugene High School To Host Forum On "Axemen" Mascot

Jan 28, 2018

This Wednesday, the 4-J School District will hold a meeting on the future of South Eugene High School’s mascot, the “Axemen”. This follows a petition to have the team name changed.  KLCC’s Brian Bull reports. 

Credit Brian Bull / KLCC

Critics say the name is too gender specific for a progressive community like Eugene’s, and should be something more inclusive that both male and female athletes can identify with.

Backers contend “Axemen” isn’t gender exclusive, or that the name is part of the school’s history and important to alumni.

South Eugene High School Principal Andy Dey says this passionate but measured discussion is what makes his school great.

“We hope to make an informed decision and move on to other equally important things as it relates to Title IX compliance, parity between genders in athletics, and creating an environment here that’s not characterized by discrimination of any kind,” he tells KLCC. 

Dey says while Wednesday’s meeting will be to further discuss the “Axemen” mascot, he won’t make a recommendation to the superintendent until a week later. He says there have been at least three other times the mascot matter’s been brought up in its 90-year history, most recently in 1997.

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