Still-Living Deer Found Shot With Arrows Prompt Search, Reward

Apr 30, 2018

Credit Oregon State Police / OSP

Two – possibly three deer – have been reported in the Shady Cove area of Jackson County with arrows protruding from their bodies. One deer has an arrow shot through its head.

One of the sighted deer has been shot through the head.
Credit Oregon State Police / OSP

A $2,000 reward has been posted for information leading to the arrest of those responsible.

One other deer has been shot through the upper neck/shoulder area.
Credit Oregon State Police / OSP

Sergeant Kaipo Raiser of the Oregon State Police says there are a number of possible charges and fines to come to those who shot the deer.

“The take or attempt to take a deer during a closed season," begins Sgt. Raiser.  "Animal abuse or cruelty, harassment of wildlife, just to name a few. 

"Currently, they’re still getting around, they’re alive. The injuries appear to be non-life threatening at this point.”

Authorities tried to find and tranquilize the deer to remove the arrows, but were unable to locate the animals.

People with information on the shooter or shooters can call the Turn-In Poachers program or Oregon State Police.

Those numbers are 800-452-7888 and 541-776-7888, respectively.

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