Umpqua Dairy Meets Demand for Organic Product

Feb 12, 2018

Credit Umpqua Dairy

Roseburg’s Umpqua Dairy has known for quite some time that there is a high demand for organic milk. KLCC’s Briana Friden reports that for the first time in 87 years, the company has begun to process and distribute organic milk one hundred percent produced in Douglas County.

After a year searching for an eligible producer, Umpqua Dairy recently found one in Grants Pass that satisfies their strict criteria- including no pesticide and synthetic growth hormone use. Steve Feldkamp, Chief Operating Officer, said the company is excited to better serve customers who want organic local milk.    

“Any time that you can bring forth a sustainable food product like organic milk it’s a good thing for the consumer and for the community.”

The new organic milk is already available at Market of Choice and several other grocery stores. Feldkamp says it has been met with favorable success, and he looks forward to the expansion of the new product.

Umpqua Dairy is a KLCC underwriter.