UO Students Rally In Support of Syrian Refugees

Nov 30, 2015

About 75 University of Oregon students and community members held a rally and march Monday to support Syrian refugees.

A march and rally on the UO campus in support of Syrian refugees.
Credit Rachael McDonald

Varas: “My name’s Elizabeth Vargas. I’m a student at the University of Oregon.  I really wanted to do this rally as a way for people to say, you know what, I see through the fear, I see through this emotion that comes to me and I support you and I stand with you and you’re welcome here.” Vargas
Adams: “Chloe Adams. I’m here because I feel that any person who’s running from, you know, death and destruction and people wanting to harm them should be welcomed into a safe environment. Everyone has the right to feel safe and we shouldn’t turn them away just because we’re scared.”

Students hold signs in support of Syrian refugees.
Credit Rachael McDonald

Mokhtar: “Shehram Mokhtar. I’m an international student. I decided to come here because I just wanted to support the cause. I met someone who is a refugee and who left all his life, belongings, friends, everything and is starting from scratch.”
Rob Moore: “I’m Rob Moore. I’m a grad student here. It just makes me very sad that an entire body of people is being turned away in fear without anyone knowing anything about them at all.”