Whitsell Mill Fire In Saginaw Contained; Investigation Begins

May 29, 2018

The fire that destroyed the Whitsell Mill in Saginaw – south of Eugene - is 100 percent contained and poses no further threat, according to a fire official on site. KLCC’s Brian Bull reports.

Crews work to extinguish the Whitsell Mill blaze in Saginaw.
Credit AP

The fire engulfed the mill within a half hour Sunday night.  John Wooten is Chief of South Lane County Fire and Rescue.

“The smoke column went up about 3-4000 feet.  And the scope of the incident spans about a quarter of a mile. If you can imagine about 5 to 6 city blocks completely on fire, that would’ve been about the size of the incident.”

Wooten says a few structures have been saved, but the actual mill – which measured at nearly 170,000 square feet - is gone.  He says the investigation into what caused the fire is underway.

“Oregon State Fire Marshall’s Office is helping us with that.  And figuring out a plan with the owners to get them back on site and obviously get the property turned back over to them once we’re done with the investigation.”

No one was hurt, but Wooten says people need to stay clear of the site. 

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