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Ransomware Attack Takes Down Main Jackson County Website

Michael Geiger/Unsplash

Jackson County’s main public website — www.jacksoncountyor.org — has been taken down by a ransomware attack on its hosting provider.

County Technology Director Mark Decker says the attack on the provider — Minnesota-based Managed.com — led the company to take down thousands of websites for its hundreds of customers on Tuesday morning.

“Some coordinated attack of cybercriminals has put malicious software in the Managed.com network," Decker says. "And it has disabled some of their servers. And they are demanding a ransom that Managed.com either has to pay or they have to recover their systems without paying.”

Decker says the county isn’t completely off-line.

"We have a variety of web services that we host internally and those are still available," he says. "But our main public face to the world and the way that we communicate information to the public is that website hosted by Managed.com and it is currently unavailable."

Decker says information such as public health notices, listings about meetings, links to services and more have all been affected. But he stressed that no confidential information has been exposed or compromised.

He adds there is another website — www.jacksoncounty.org — which still allows access to some information, such as property records and COVID-19 data.

Managed.com said in a statement that it would not be making public any information about the status of the attack, or when service might be restored.

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