Coutesy of Chris Banducci / Cascadia Wildlands

BLM Revives Plans For Logging Outside Springfield

A logging project near Springfield is set to go forward after the Bureau of Land Management this week issued a decision. But, environmental groups are sounding the alarm with concerns over fire danger.

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Dr. Patricia Hasbach

'The End Of The Beginning:' Therapists Mind The Mind Through All Parts Of The Pandemic

Coping with a global pandemic has been new territory for all of us. The unknown is scary. Change is hard. To preserve public health, we’ve made drastic changes to work and daily life. And now—as we’ve learned to adapt –we are asked to change our behavior again. Therapists say all this can take a toll on our mental health. In these stressful times, KLCC’s Tiffany Eckert discovered, there is help out there.

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Rachael McDonald

The Eugene City Council heard from numerous members of the homeless community and their advocates at a packed meeting Monday night.  

Last week, the Lane County Board of Commissioners closed Free Speech Plaza in Eugene. They said they needed to clean the plaza after people had pitched their tents there for three weeks protesting the city's camping ban. Angela Bartow, a member of the protest group SLEEPS, spoke at Monday's council meeting. She identified herself as un-housed, a mother and a student.

Devil's Staircase
Rachael McDonald

Oregon's coast range forests are a patchwork of private, state and federal land, much of it heavily logged for the past century. One pocket of old growth forest southwest of Eugene has avoided the chainsaws, mainly because of its steep terrain. There's a bill in congress to designate the 30-thousand acre tract as Wilderness. KLCC's Rachael McDonald took a guided hike to the secluded Devil's Staircase.
Our journey begins at the end of a logging road about 10 miles northeast of Reedsport.
Derbyshire: "This is where we're trying to get…"

This story was originally aired on August 28, 2013.

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And so it's time to say goodbye. As you probably know, this, after 21 years, is the final broadcast of TALK OF THE NATION, and after 36 years, my last day at NPR.

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Big Bad Voodoo Daddy: Live In Los Angeles

Dec 12, 2012

Now that it's officially two decades in the past, it's increasingly hard to fathom: In the mid-1990s, swing was popular again. It wasn't quite the big band style of Benny Goodman fame — this new variant was blended with rockabilly and ska and perhaps some other things — but the swing revival so captured the country that it landed Big Bad Voodoo Daddy on the Super Bowl halftime show in 1999.


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