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Brian Bull / KLCC

The Very Little Theatre in Eugene opens its 90th season this month, with the horror classic, Dracula.  KLCC’s Claude Offenbacher – a lifetime member of VLT – talked to its president, Karen Scheeland, about the theatre’s nearly century-old legacy.  She begins with how its namesake came about.

This is KLCC.  I’m Connie Bennett with a book review of “Weather Woman” by Cai Emmons.

Greg Pfarr has been honored with a show in the Governor's Office during 2019
Sandy Brown Jensen


Viz City caught up with printmaker and painter Greg Pfarr on Fri. Sept. 21,2018 for a Viz City segment broadcast on Wed. Oct. 3, 2018.

Today we’re in Lewisburg, seven miles north of Corvallis, talking to mountain and glacier-obsessed artist Greg Pfarr:

Cottage Grove Chamber of Commerce

Last month, we reported on the 40th anniversary “Animal House” celebration, including Cottage Grove’s attempt to reclaim the record for World’s Largest Toga Party.  KLCC’s Brian Bull has an update.

"Shy Owl" Linotype by Diane Sandall at Out on a Limb Gallery
Sandy Brown Jensen

  Home Again and Appreciating Local Galleries

Home is the sailor, home from the sea!


Hello, this is Sandy Brown Jensen for Viz City, KLCC’s Arts Review program. I’m back home in our beautiful Oregon after a summer bringing you art news from all over Europe.


Now I’m home again, wandering the gallery spaces of Eugene, Eugene, the Little Green Apple. I’m struck by how very lucky we are to live in such a unique and beautiful place on this planet.


10 Barrel Brewing

The last Blockbuster Video in America is officially in Bend, after several Alaskan stores closed this year.  And soon, proud residents can drink to its success.  KLCC’s Brian Bull explains.

Book Review: Life

Sep 7, 2018

This is KLCC.  I’m Connie Bennett with a book review of “Life” by Cynthia Rylant, with illustrations by Brendan Wenzel.

In a stunning new picture book, Newbery Award winner and prolific Oregon author, Cynthia Rylant, has teamed up with the up-and-coming illustrator – and Caledcott Honor winner – Brendan Wenzel.  It’s a cross-generational artistic collaboration that really works.

Brian Bull / KLCC

A theatre troupe for people with disabilities kicks off its latest show Friday night in Cottage Grove.

The inspiration for “Creative Chaos” came when its founder, Carmen Dowell, watched a friend with Downs Syndrome get turned away from an audition ten years ago.

Self-portrait of Edvard Munch in the last year of his life, “Between the Clock and the Bed, 1940–1943”
Sandy Brown Jensen


This is Sandy Brown Jensen, and today Viz City, KLCC’s Arts Review Program, is in Oslo, Norway,  at the Edvard Munch Museum at a big traveling, international show called “Between the Clock and the Bed.”

You know who Munch is: he painted The Scream in 1893. He said, “I was walking along the road with two friends. Then the sun went down. The sky suddenly turned to blood, and I felt a great Scream in nature.”

Across one version of The Scream, he wrote, “could only have been painted by a madman.”

(Alec Cowan/KLCC)

Afghan street artist Shamsia Hassani murals featuring a single female character throughout the world. It can be found on the side of Capella Market in Eugene. KLCC’s Alec Cowan brings us this audio postcard on the power of the female voice for this year’s 20x21 Eugene Mural Project.

Karen Richards

Many Oregon place names have Native American roots. Some of them teach lessons about the land and its history, others are more like a game of “telephone” played over time. Here are a few stories about local place names.  

Salvador Dali: Getting to Know You

Aug 22, 2018
Phillipe Halsman 1953, Available for non-commercial use


Salvador Dali: Getting to Know You

This is Sandy Brown Jensen, and you’re listening to Viz City, KLCC’s arts review program, broadcasting today from the Belfry Tower in Brugge, Belgium, where a big Salvador Dali exhibit is taking up a spacious gallery on the ground floor.


I’d like to take you to see two different groups of Dali’s surrealist images: the first is about food, the second is about Alice in Wonderland.

Jenny Graham / Oregon Shakespeare Festival

In its world premiere at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, “The Way the Mountain Moved” takes us to the western frontier of the 1850s, when traveling across the continent was almost as mysterious and dangerous as traveling to another planet in our time.

(Alec Cowan/KLCC)

Nepalese artist H11235  is painting Eugene’s streets as part of a sister city program with Khatmandu. KLCC’s Alec Cowan brings us this audio postcard on the latest addition being painted across from Good Year Tires for Eugene’s 20x21 Mural Project.

(Alec Cowan/KLCC)

This weekend, thousands of people gathered in Cottage Grove to try to reclaim the world record for most people in togas.  As KLCC’s Alec Cowan reports, the effort was just one of many events marking the 40th anniversary of a comedy film shot in Oregon.

Cottage Grove Chamber of Commerce

It’s been 40 years since the landmark comedy film “Animal House” was released. This weekend, commemorative events are happening in Eugene and Cottage Grove, where many scenes were shot. KLCC’s Brian Bull reports.

Matt Emrich / Cottage Theatre

A community theatre in Cottage Grove will be remodeling soon, helped in part by a $40,075 grant.

Jenny Graham / Oregon Shakespeare Festival

“Snow in Midsummer,” now playing at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, is a modern adaptation of a classic Chinese drama written in the late 1200s.

Brian Bull / KLCC

Is your job stressing you out? Or relationship issues?  How about those politics? There are many things that can get Oregonians uptight, frustrated, even angry. A Glenwood business says it has just the outlet for those needing to blow-off steam. KLCC’s Brian Bull reports on “Demolition Zone”…which hopes to become a smashing success. 

Brian Bull / KLCC

Many people are familiar with the forced relocation of Cherokee Indians in the 1830s, which led to the deaths of over 4,000 people. Now a play about Oregon’s own “Trail of Tears” opens Thursday night in Salem. KLCC’s Brian Bull reports.

Münter, Girl
Sandy Brown Jensen

This is Sandy Brown Jensen, and you’re listening to Viz City, KLCC’s arts review program, today reporting to you from the famous Louisiana Museum of Modern Art just north of Copenhagen, Denmark.

The Louisiana has a wonderful special exhibit up of a painter new to me, Gabriele Munter. Her fame used to be as Russian painter Kandinsky’s partner, but feminist art history scholars have brought her out of the shadows and into the light where her bold colors and strong compositions belong.

(Alec Cowan/KLCC)

Puerto Rican muralist Alexis Diaz is known for his intricate brush work, and that’s why he’s featured in this year’s 20x21 Eugene Mural Project. KLCC’s Alec Cowan brings us this bilingual audio postcard about his mammoth addition down by the tracks of the Whiteaker. 

(Alec Cowan/KLCC)

For Eugene 20x21 Mural Project Japanese artist Aiko is bringing stencil work and heritage to the city streets. She’s painting her mural on 6th street’s Parcade across from the Hult Center. To learn more, KLCC’s Alec Cowan brings us this audio postcard. 

This is KLCC.  I’m Connie Bennett with a book review of “Let Us Build Us a City” by Tracy Daugherty.

There are two schools of thought about summer reading.  One, which I remember fondly from carefree deckchairs of the past, consists of the bigger, lighter, sprawling or fast-paced novels.  The perfect beach-read – a vacation in and of itself.  The other is the small, thin, deeper volume, the kind of book that you read slowly.  The kind of book that invites the travels of the mind. 

(Alec Cowan/KLCC)

WK Interact is a French-American artist painting a mural of Martin Luther King Jr. for Eugene’s 20x21 Mural Project. KLCC’s Alec Cowan brings us this audio postcard from WK’s ascending scissor lift outside First Christian Church.

B E S T   F A I R   E V E R !

KLCC Radio Adventures at Oregon Country Fair 1992-2018

By Tripp Sommer, June 2018
[Editing and photos by Gayle Chisholm]

  On Thursday, July 7, 2017, my wife Sandune and I headed to the Oregon Coast.  Highway 126 takes us west, through Veneta.  This is the day before the Oregon Country Fair opens to the public.  In previous years, we would have been heading to the Fair instead of the coast.  But I just retired from KLCC and this is the beginning of things being different.

Jenny Graham / Oregon Shakespeare Festival

“Love’s Labour’s Lost,” an early comedy by Shakespeare now playing at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival’s outdoor theater, has a simple plot that points toward greater works like “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.”

Brian Bull / KLCC

Oregon’s history with the First Nations remains an often overlooked part of the state’s checkered legacy. But more and more, Native Americans and their supporters are highlighting aspects of Oregon’s pioneer era that may not jibe with tourist signs and old school textbooks. One story is that of Amanda Du-Cuys. U.S. soldiers put the Coos Indian and others on a forced march up the coastline in the 1860s.  KLCC’s Brian Bull reports on how her story is being shared today.

Montmartre art market
Peter Jensen


This is Sandy Brown Jensen, and you’re listening to Viz City, KLCC’s Arts Review Program, coming to you today from Paris, France.


I’m up on Montmartre hill at the famous Artist’s Market.


Jennie Graham/Oregon Shakespeare Festival

The intimate Thomas Theatre at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival is the place to discover new plays that explore important but under-exposed issues.