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At Wednesday night’s Eugene 4J school board meeting, the Natives Program gave a presentation about its impact on students.Community members highlighted the importance of the 48-year-old program.

AASA The School Superintendents Association

Eugene 4J Superintendent Gustavo Balderas won National Superintendent of the Year last night at the National Conference on Education in San Diego. He is the first Latino to receive the honor. 

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Eugene 4J school board members are supporting an Oregon senate bill that addresses a state testing policy. The bill would remove certain testing requirements and graduation barriers.

Oregon State University

Oregon State University President Ed Ray used his final State of the University address Tuesday to call for more attention to the basic needs of students.

Elizabeth Gabriel / KLCC News

At the latest Eugene 4J school board meeting, members discussed updating the district's religious observation policies. But, board members are struggling to make a decision. 

Karen Richards

The vast majority of Oregon’s school districts have only one high school. Officials at the Oregon Rural School Network believe those schools get less attention, and have different needs than urban districts. They aim to create a network of support.

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For the second year in a row, Eugene 4J students claim they have received district-approved sex ed training that they say is abstinence-based and violates their rights. Now, students are taking action.

University of Oregon

It’s hard to tell sometimes what is true and what isn’t in this age of misinformation and news manipulation. As media consumers, we have to be a little more careful about what to believe.

Eugene School District 4J

Graduation rates in Eugene School District 4J have risen to a 10-year high, according to new information out Thursday from the Oregon Department of Education.

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Supporters kicked off their campaign for a $121 million Lane Community College bond Tuesday.

Elizabeth Gabriel / KLCC News

At Wednesday night’s Eugene 4J school board meeting, board members unanimously approved a contract renewal for Ridgeline Montessori Public Charter School.

University of Oregon


As the University of Oregon considers changing their tuition plan, the UO Tuition and Fee Advisory Board will host a public forum this week to hear student and community input.

From the City Club of Eugene:

4J School District

Eugene families are invited to the 4J Elementary School Showcase on Saturday morning. At the event, parents can learn about their options for choosing a school other than the one assigned to their neighborhood, and the school choice process for the 2020-21 school year.

Elizabeth Miller


The Eugene 4J School District has extended their deadline for community members to weigh in on how new state funding should be used to increase academic achievement. 


After many years of late night meetings, the Eugene 4J school board is switching things up. At the beginning of 2020, they will start an hour earlier on a trial basis.

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When you check out at a store, cashiers will often ask you to donate to a cause. As KLCC’s Elizabeth Gabriel reports, customer donations at Rack Room Shoes in Springfield provided an entire elementary school with free shoes.

Elizabeth Gabriel / KLCC News

Ridgeline Montessori Public Charter School in Eugene is seeking renewal of its charter from the 4J school board. At Wednesday’s school board meeting, the district report found the school is in good standing, but needs some improvements.

Rachael McDonald

Lane Community College will ask voters to help pay for improvements to safety and technical facilities on its campuses with a $145 million bond on the May 2020 ballot.

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A psychology professor who has sued the University of Oregon over pay equity has gotten a boost of support from her colleagues.  A public petition has garnered more than 1,000 signatures.

Karen Richards

Eugene 4J’s shift to in-house cooking has meant multiple operations needed to start from scratch. The facilities at the Education Center exemplify several of the changes.

Karen Richards

Eugene 4J schools started making food in-house this summer, ending a 21-year run of outsourcing. The transition is complex, but there are many fruits for the labor. 


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Oregon State University has announced its choice for a new president to replace their long-time leader who’s stepping down in June.

University of Oregon

After over two and half years of litigation, two University of Oregon professors have agreed to a settlement with the school for an age discrimination lawsuit. 

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The University of Oregon’s board of trustees have approved a bonus for U of O president Mike Schill : $100,000.

Aubrey Bulkeley

A holiday tradition from Iceland has made its way to Eugene. A local writing group collects books as holiday gifts for young people who may not have access to their own reading material.

Recorded On: November 22, 2019

Air Date: November 25, 2019

From the City Club of Eugene:

On May 20, 2019, Governor Kate Brown signed into law HB3427, the Student Success Act (SSA). With a new business tax, this bill offers an additional $1 billion per year to fund public K-12 education. The new money must be spent in three areas: early learning, student investments, and statewide initiatives designed to find ways to reduce disparities in educational outcomes among student groups whose needs should and could be served more adequately in public schools.

Elizabeth Gabriel / KLCC News

The Eugene 4J School Board unanimously approved a revised health policy at Wednesday’s school board meeting. The policy will provide free menstrual products in all female and most gender-neutral bathrooms in middle schools and high schools.

Recorded On: November 15, 2019

Air Date: November 18, 2019

From the City Club of Eugene: