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In 2016, University of Oregon Professor Nancy Shurtz invited law students to attend a Halloween party held at her home. Shurtz's Halloween costume consisted of a white lab coat, a stethoscope, black paint on her face and hands, and a black wig in the shape of an afro. 

Since the event, students have created a petition for Shurtz’s resignation, and the Black Law Students Association—or BLSA—created a list of demands in 2018. But the group said the college has not met any of them. The demands were reinterred by BLSA this year on April 14.

Corvallis School District

The Corvallis School Board voted 6 to 1 Thursday to remove three elementary school names from the district.

A protest is planned at Roseburg High School this Sunday against its team name, the “Indians”.  The event challenges an agreement between the school and a neighboring tribe.

Karen Richards

As previously reported, the Mapleton School District created a model plan for in-person class this fall. After the latest guidance, they’ve switched gears.

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As the pandemic continues, families in the Eugene 4J school district are trying to navigate online learning, as well as the future reopening of school buildings. But students have another option for extended online learning.

Eugene 4J School District

The Oregon School Activities Association shifted its traditional fall high school sports season contests to begin in March under a new 2020-2021 school activities calendar approved by the association’s executive board on Wednesday.

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The Eugene 4J school district announced Tuesday the entire fall trimester will be online. This is an update from 4J’s previous announcement to only have online learning for roughly the first four weeks of the school year.

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The Eugene 4J school district will hold virtual information sessions over the next two weeks about reopening for the fall. According to a press release, at least the first four weeks of the school year will be online.

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Students in the Corvallis School District will take classes remotely for the first six weeks of the school year.

The Corvallis School Board is considering a proposal to change the name of three schools that are named for presidents with racist views.

Terah Stuve

Several hundred cars drove around the capitol building in Salem Monday to protest in-person classes amid Oregon’s rising Covid-19 cases. People from all over the state joined Oregon Safe Return to Schools, part of a national movement called Refuse To Return. 

Oregon State University

An on-going rat problem has prompted Eugene’s 4J school district to place low-impact rodenticide in traps around South Eugene High’s Performing Arts area and the IOP courtyard.

With the number of coronavirus cases continuing to rise in Oregon, and the start of the school year getting closer, state education officials have released updated guidance for schools and students.

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The 4J School District has released its re-opening plan for the fall term.  Students have two options that address COVID-19 concerns.

Oregon Schools Make COVID-Impacted Plans

Jul 16, 2020
Karen Richards

Oregon school districts are required to have a plan in place for the ’20/’21 school year by August 1st. Mapleton Superintendent and elementary school Principal Jodi O’Mara explains, “There’s three different models to choose from as a district when you make your plan. There’s the on-site, there’s the hybrid which is on-site and online, and then there’s the comprehensive distance learning.”

Karen Richards

Summer is traditionally a time off for teachers and school staff, but this year, of course, is different. Oregon school districts have until August 1st to submit a plan to the state on how they’ll meet COVID-19 guidelines this year. One rural Lane County district did the work early.

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With the Black Lives Matter movement causing people to reevaluate the continuance of systemic racism, KLCC is creating a series that examines the successes and failures of Oregon schools with regards to race, and what schools can do to be more inclusive.

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This week, the Bethel school district in Eugene will hold online zoom meetings with community members about reopening for the fall. To limit the spread of COVID-19, the district is considering a hybrid learning model.

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Black student-athletes at Oregon State University have launched a public awareness campaign for racial justice issues.

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The Bethel School District in Eugene will hold virtual meetings with community members about reopening for the upcoming school year. The district will host three online sessions in English and two in Spanish.

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Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has released a draft of new rules that restrict international students from taking all of their classes online. If they do, these students could risk deportation. Now, colleges and universities across the country, including the UO, are helping international students register for at least one in-person class so they can maintain their international student visa.

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Oregon’s Attorney General and two of the state's largest universities are part of a pair of lawsuits attempting to block a new federal rule they say will harm international students.

Program Date: July 10, 2020

Air Date: July 13, 2020

From the City Club of Eugene:

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In response to criticism of police brutality nationwide, many districts are reevaluating the role of  school resource officers. SROs were a hot topic during a recent Bethel school board work session. 

Bethel School District


During Bethel School District’s virtual school board meeting, the board renewed Superintendent Chris Parra’s contract through 2023.

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During a recent Bethel School board meeting, members discussed putting a bond on the November election ballot. The funds would be used to update buildings and provide more student resources. 

Oregon State University

Ed Ray’s last day as Oregon State University President is Tuesday.

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On Wednesday, the Eugene 4J school board held a special meeting to approve a resolution related to anti-racism and equity. The board said they are committed to using district resources to provide meaningful learning environments for all students.

University of Oregon

The University of Oregon Board of Trustees Wednesday voted unanimously to de-name Deady Hall. Matthew Deady was a pro-slavery delegate to the Oregon constitution.

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The COVID-19 pandemic shutdowns have been especially hard on seniors who were expecting to celebrate major milestones this season, including graduation. Now, a University of Oregon student talks about preparing for the job market.